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D.C. Roberts Aircraft Co. Pty Limited                             

Unit 1/63-73 Willarong Rd Caringbah NSW 2229 Australia

Phone: +61 2 9540 3737    Fax: +61 2 9540 3311

WEBSITE     www.dcaircraft.com.au

E-MAIL         info@dcaircraft.com.au

D.C. Roberts Aircraft Co. manufactures a range of Jet Start Ground Power Units
to suit specific needs. They come complete with all cables etc., manufactured
in Sydney from locally sourced parts and materials.They are of proven design
with a smooth D.C. output. The Jet Start are a transformer-rectifier style unit
and with the correctly selected unit will start turbines from Allison 250 series
to Rolls Royce Dart, PW 120, PT6-xxx, TPE 331-xxx and CT7.

The Company was established in 1980 by Denis Roberts as a component
overhaul facility in the electrical & electronic field of aviation. We are
specialising in turbine engine aircraft (fixed & rotary wing) components.
 Roberts' aviation career started in 1964 with Qantas Airways in Sydney
where he worked in the electrical & electronic divisions of the company.
His experience in large workshops eg Hawker de Havilland and
 numerous trips overseas to O.E.M.'S gained valuable knowledge.
Sixteen years later D.C. Roberts Aircraft Co. was founded and it has
grown steadily over the years. Today, D.C. Roberts Aircraft Co. is a well
established workshop in the Australasian region and employs seven
engineers (inc 2 L.A.M.E's).

Our clients include the Australian State and Federal Government, military,
commercial airlines, RPT Operators, Helicopter Operators, Freighters and
 Air Agricultural Operators. Our workshop is ideally located at Caringbah,
which is south of the city of Sydney by 20 km, and it is close to both
Mascot & Bankstown airports.